Video Recordings

Video Recordings

Mark Williams (Leicester University)

Due to a technical error the lecture of Mark Williams is unavailable. We’re very sorry for that!

Eva Lövbrand (Linköping University)

The End of What? The Nature Politics of the Anthropocene

Knowing the Anthropocene

Discussion: Eva Lövbrand & Mark Williams, Chair: Helmut Weissert

Dennis Hansen (University of Zurich)

Erasing the Anthropocene – A Rewilder’s Perspective

Mark Maslin (University College London)

Humanity the new Geological Superpower – Anthropocene a Contested Concept

Kathryn Yusoff (Queen Mary University of London)

Black Anthropocenes

Contested Narratives

Discussion: Mark Maslin & Kathryn Yusoff, Chair: Eva Lövbrand

Background image: “World of Change: Urbanisation of Dubai”, NASA Earth Observatory